"Donating to the American Orchid Society, with our many goals of orchid conservation, is very important at this time. The natural habitats of orchids and fauna are disappearing at a rapid rate. As you know, all proceeds of the AOS Centennial Celebration are going towards our Conservation Endowment. Our Conservation Committee has been working very hard to pair us up with other conservation groups to purchase and secure natural habitats for orchids so future generations may enjoy them for years to come. Our Research and Education Committees are dedicated to enhancing our knowledge about orchids and then working with younger generations to create awareness and interest in the orchid community. Please consider giving. Thanks, Bob Fuchs"
Bob Fuchs, AOS President
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The Conservation FUNDS provide "lasting" support for vital orchid conservation efforts.

Our Conservation Fund and our Endowment are special funds that allow us to support conservation projects.

It's more than a donation; it's part of OUR LEGACY!

This is your opportunity to make a donation that will keep working to preserve orchids in the wild for generations. That's how you make a real impact and a difference you can feel incredible about! This year we are supporting not only our grants, but GROWISER, an Oregon preserve area and the North American Orchid Conservation Center (NAOCC). They need our support

As the world's foremost authority on orchids and orchid growing, we have the opportunity to support vital conservation projects in the U.S. and abroad.

In 2019 alone, we supported five (5) conservation projects involving local community-based organizations around the world, from the creation and support of an orchid reserve in Colombia to supporting students in Peru who are trying to make an orchid reserve coexist with agriculture in their village.

Orchid conservation is a cornerstone of our mission, and together we can make a lasting difference for generations to come.

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A few words from AOS committee members...

“The American Orchid Society is almost 100 years old. It is through donations, both small and very generous, that the AOS is able to fulfill it's mission to promote and support the passion for orchids through education, conservation, and research.”
Joyce Medcalf
“This year marks my 40th year as a member of AOS. Other than meaning that I have lots of Bulletins and Orchid Magazines around the house, I have a ton of memories of great orchid events from my local societies, from our first and other early shows, from my first terrified encounter with AOS judges, my first members meeting, the combined AOS/EOC that we hosted in Raleigh and all of that, but above all two things stand out: the friends and the flowers! Outside of my home society, so little of that would be there were it not for the permanence of the AOS as the backbone and the glue that holds us all together. Coming up onto our second century, there will be many challenges - logistical, financial, new ways to deliver knowledge, climate change, disappearance of many natural environments where many of our plants have originated. The AOS needs our support in all ways, personal volunteering AND financial. Please join me and be proud to see your name on the contributions page of our great magazine! Better yet, go onto the website and sign up for a recurring gift - large or small, these recurring gifts will help strengthen us into our second century adventure! And don't forget the secret to a long and happy life in orchids - keep buying seedlings!!”
Harry Gallis
“The mission of the American Orchid Society with their passion for orchids through education, conservation, and research is something we believe in. Is there any other organization that brings so many like-minded individuals together? We are honored to support this global community with both our time and resources.”
Julio & Eileen Hector
“The AOS is important to me as a hobby grower and a judge. I give without restriction because I want my gift to be used where the AOS needs it most. It’s important to me that the AOS is there for me as well as the orchid-loving public. With the new OrchidPro program, cultural information, news on orchid events, on-demand webinars and more, the AOS provides an incredible valuable service to all of us orchid growers.”
David Edgley
"Orchids are fascinating. They captivated me at a very early age when I found cypripediums in the northern part of Michigan. Frankly I knew little about the warm climate orchids. One day at a large retail chain, I encountered a Paphiopedilum primulinum. Off I went to research. I bought that orchid and another. I was only going to have 6 orchids. It was a promise I didn’t keep. Since that time I have become an orchid judge, volunteered endless hours of time and expertise and financial contributions. Why? I have a personal connection to the organization. The American Orchid Society provides a wealth of information for individuals and affiliated orchid societies. In addition to education, the promote conservation and research. Maybe you have a local society to visit and share your orchid passion. Regardless, the American Orchid Society is truly a first class group that provides a vast store of knowledge, a first class publication and much more. It can be your personal connection."
Greg Filter

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