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An industry favorite since 1932, ORCHIDS magazine (formerly known as the AOS Bulletin) is just ONE of many benefits AOS members enjoy. Exploding with glorious FULL-PAGE color photographs, each monthly issue is PACKED with topics of current interest for both beginners and advanced orchid growers.

Get your hands on your monthly copy of ORCHIDS Magazine and discover:

  • Exclusive information on both familiar and unusual orchid botany and culture.
  • Hidden gems showcased in the following monthly features: Tom's Checklist, Spotlight, Orchid of the Month and Collector's Item including solutions to the most common problems both beginner and experienced growers face.
  • The BEST growing practices used by the top orchid growers in the world!
  • Packed between its covers, ORCHIDS contains feature length articles chosen to educate readers about the latest breeding trends, orchid habitats, orchid culture tips and techniques, international shows, nomenclature notes, conservation, native orchids and a broad range of topics of interest to the orchid enthusiast.
  • An exciting advertisement section chock-full of the current sources of orchid plants, supplies and products of value to orchid growers.
  • An in-depth look into a specific topic in our annual BONUS issue...What started as a way to publish an article that was too big for a regular issue of ORCHIDS (Phil Spence’s comprehensive look at the Latouria section of Dendrobium) has become an eagerly anticipated bonus issue of the year. A separate publication gives us the opportunity to present a monograph to our members each year without compromising the general interest of the monthly issues.

Plus, in ADDITION to the printed publication, ORCHIDS magazine is available to all members digitally as well! So you can get instant access to the content on any device with an Internet connection - anywhere, any time.

What Our Members Are Saying About ORCHIDS Magazine…

“I would spend a fortune (and a lot of wasted time) to try to get this kind of quantity and quality content elsewhere."

“I was excited enough to email you at 2 AM after not being able to put down the latest issue! The articles were amazing. Also, there just seemed to be so much great content which allowed me to get so much more out of the issue than you expect from a magazine. I would spend a fortune (and a lot of wasted time) to try to get this kind of quantity and quality content elsewhere.”

Laura DeCarlo, Melbourne, Florida

“I stopped what I was doing and read it cover to cover!"

“‘WOW’! The layout, the photos, and the articles are simply outstanding. I stopped what I was doing and read it cover to cover! I feel like a broken record here, but once again you all have produced a terrific magazine. 'Orchids’ seems to move from strength to strength each month.”

Tom Etheridge, Corvallis, Oregon

“I wanted to sincerely applaud the most recent issue of the magazine! I love, love love the way you displayed the different growing set ups and culture techniques from different climates. A fabulous idea and very well executed! Love it!”

Rhonda Heide, Jupiter, Florida

“What a masterpiece! Wonderful photos and brilliant stories about pollination of orchids.

Holger Perner, Sichuan, China

“I have to tell you that my husband and I think it is a beautiful and worthwhile magazine. It is the only magazine that we get that we immediately read. (We have been growing orchids for about 15 years, and have about 500 of them in a greenhouse.)”

Eleanor Phillips

“Just had to write and compliment you on the April Issue. I have never seen so many gorgeous illustrations. I think the overall quality of award photography has really improved over the past few years. I know this must make your job harder now. Instead of the good ones simply floating to the top, you have to actually make some hard decisions! :-) Every issue is good, but this one is a standout. Really great. ”

Anita Aldrich, Galveston, Texas

“ Rarely have I been so riveted by an article in Orchids as I was by Keith Davis' "A Ghostly Pursuit." Paired with "Hidden Jewel" it was a reader's delight. Thanks for publishing them, and please do more inspiring adventures like that. ”

Claudia Goodridge, New Haven, Connecticut

And That’s NOT All …

The magazine is one of the most loved benefits of being a member, and the only way to get a subscription is by joining the American Orchid Society. But ORCHIDS magazine is just a taste of what you get with your membership.

Along with your membership, you will also get …

Members-Only Webinars Covering
Little-Known Secrets Of Pest Management, Native Orchids, And More! –
Attend Live Or Watch Recordings

Learn from top orchid growers from the comfort of your home. Watch live or even watch the recordings on-demand at your convenience.

News of our members-only webinars is spreading like wildfire in the orchid community. Why? Well, here are just some of the exciting webinars waiting for you to watch immediately:

Orchids: Pests and Their Management

Sooner or later every orchid grower faces pests that feed on their orchids. Knowing the pest and the most appropriate management method for that pest is essential to eradicating the problem.

This webinar was incredibly popular and was followed by specific questions and answers that are sure to benefit any orchid grower. Just imagine getting your most critical questions answered when you need it most!

Introduction: Orchids and Their Culture

This webinar encourages and informs people about the wonderful orchid hobby. It explains what orchids are and where and how they grow. This insight provides a foundation for the specifics of orchid culture.

Demystifying Dendrobiums

The vast majority of Dendrobium species can be grouped into a handful of culturally similar groups. An understanding of these groups, which species and hybrids belong to them, and their cultural idiosyncrasies, is critical to successfully growing Dendrobiums.

Greenhouse Chats

These live question and answer webinars are hosted by orchid experts and cover a broad range of topics. Here, you get the rare opportunity to get answers to all of your burning questions that you can put to immediate use.

You Get a New Webinar and Greenhouse Chat Every Month!

Not only do you get “immediate” access to the existing pre-recorded webinars and greenhouse chats, but you get live access to a new webinar AND greenhouse chat every month!

Are you new to orchids? We’ve got a special bonus just for YOU…

“Your First Orchid” – a FREE 64-Page,
Illustrated Book For Beginner Orchid Growers

Your First Orchid is your passport to understanding the ABC's of orchid culture.

In this 64-page book, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of choosing a plant
  • How to create an optimal growing area
  • How to water, fertilize, and repot your orchid
  • And Much More!

From cover to cover, beginners will learn everything they need to know to grow their first orchid successfully. Written in easy to understand language and full of gorgeous illustrations, this beginner’s guide can’t be beat!

Once you start growing your orchids, you will need access to quality plants and supplies.
So, this next FREE bonus is exactly what you need…

The Orchid Source Directory – A Digital Directory Featuring Hundreds Of Vendors

The Orchid Source Directory is an easy-to-use reference.

This handy resource is updated annually and makes it easy for you to locate vendors of orchid plants, seedlings, supplies, books, greenhouses, cards, fertilizers, watering equipment, potting mixes, lighting setups and other orchid-related products.

You get quick access to hundreds of vendors in one convenient resource you can refer to any time.

…And this very useful resource is not sold anywhere.

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Offer For Me?”

You bet we do! Read on…

You Get INCREDIBLE Savings
On AOS Publications, Plants,
Supplies, And More!

Enjoy discounts and savings on everything from orchid-related publications to orchids and orchid supplies from popular vendors. Your savings include:

  • 10% discount on back issues of ORCHIDS magazine and AOS published books
  • 5% discount on ALL purchases from popular orchid and supply vendors
  • A coupon worth $30 off an order of $100 or more from numerous orchid and supply vendors – This benefit is only available to members with a two-year membership.

Keep reading because, we have a VERY special
deal for you today, including …

FREE And Discounted Admission To Nearly
300 Botanical Gardens And Arboreta

Visit botanical gardens and arboreta throughout the United States and Canada for FREE or at a discounted rate.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden

As an AOS member, you are sure to enjoy the semi-annual conferences and shows as well…

Meet Fellow Orchid Enthusiasts, Purchase Plants, Listen To Great Speakers And Enjoy the Show!

All AOS members are encouraged to attend one of the semi-annual members’ meetings.

Why should you attend these exclusive conferences?

Aside from meeting an incredible community of orchid enthusiasts, you will also enjoy:

  • A one-of-a-kind orchid show
  • Perusing an incredible sales area
  • A program of not-to-be-missed orchid lectures
  • Tours of local attractions, nurseries, and botanical gardens.
  • And more!

These meetings are often held in conjunction with one or more orchid specialty groups or regional alliances.

There is a separate cost to register for these events, but they are truly worthwhile and memorable events that have much to offer.

Finally, When You Join TODAY, You Will Receive …

Since it's 100% to your benefit to join right away, we want to sweeten the deal and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

For A LIMITED-TIME ONLY Get Immediate,
Digital Access To Over 350 Back Issues Of
ORCHIDS Magazine

Please note that this special bonus is currently available for a very limited time and will be removed at any time without prior notice.

Lock in your access to this digital archive by starting your membership right now.

Once your membership is confirmed, you will receive special instructions on how to access the digital version of ORCHIDS magazine along with this archive of over 350 past issues.

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Join The American Orchid Society Right Now And Start Enjoying The Benefits

You are just minutes away from instant access to the webinar recordings, your bonus digital access to over 350 back-issues of ORCHIDS magazine and more.

While there are still more benefits of joining the AOS, from member-only content on the website to the online help desk to supporting orchid conservation and research, we are sure you are anxious to get started.

Let’s recap the special benefits and bonuses you get when you join today!

Benefit Value Cost
Your subscription to ORCHIDS magazine Each issue is $6.99 when purchased individually and the annual supplement is $10. That’s $93.88 per year…plus shipping. Worth
at least $93.88 per year
Live and On-Demand Webinars and Greenhouse Chats You get access to expert coverage of specific orchid topics as well as broad coverage of a variety of topics in the Greenhouse Q&A Chats. When you can’t attend live, you can access the new and past recordings on-demand at your convenience. Just imagine the time and monetary savings from the information in these webinars plus the opportunity to get expert answers to your specific questions. That’s two webinars each month valued at $50 per month. Worth
at least $600 per year
“Your First Orchid” – a FREE 64-Page, Illustrated Book This book sells separately for $7.95 Worth
The Annually Updated Orchid Source Directory Your convenient reference for hundreds of orchid vendors isn’t for sale anywhere, but if it were, it would be at least $5.00 per year. Worth
per year
INCREDIBLE Savings On Publications, Plants, Supplies And More! You get 10% off all AOS publications including the printed back-issues of ORCHIDS magazine and AOS books as well as 5% off ALL purchases from popular orchid vendors! If you get a 2-year membership, you also receive a $30 coupon towards any order of $100 or more from top vendors. Most members can easily save $5 a year on supplies alone! Worth
at least $5.00
per year
$35 per year
for 2-year
FREE and Discounted Admission To Nearly 300 Botanical Gardens And Arboreta With just two visits a year, you could easily save $30 per year. Worth
at least $30.00
per year
Time-Sensitive Bonus: Digital Access To 350+ Back Issues of ORCHIDS Magazine At present, it costs $40 to get “digital-only” access to just 12 issues of ORCHIDS per year as a member. So getting access to three decades of back issues is worth at least $1,200! Worth
at least $1,200

That’s a “value” of well over $2,000 for one-year members, and even more for two-year members!

But you get these special benefits and bonuses above FREE when you join now…

But please be aware that the bonus digital access to the 350+ back issues of ORCHIDS is subject to be removed at any time without prior notice.

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Today you can join the American Orchid Society for as little as $40!

This “introductory” digital-only offer includes electronic access to the magazine only (it does NOT include the printed magazine.) This rate is subject to change without advanced notice.

HOWEVER, if you are like 95% of our members…

You will absolutely want the Print + Digital Membership despite the “slightly” higher fee (due to the flat-rate shipping that is included and varies by region.)

Seriously, the print magazine is simply a treasure you are going to want to hold onto.

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Your Membership
Makes A Difference For
Orchid Conservation, Research And More!

As you may already know, the American Orchid Society is the largest organization in the world devoted exclusively to orchids.

We currently have a $50,000 grant out to Fairchild to research LED lighting and we are funding one of the species in the Million Orchid Project to put Four Florida Natives in the Miami Dade city landscaping.

Over the years, we have spent over $1,000,000 in a myriad of important projects from research and conservation to education, preservation and more.

We even paid for the science of mericloning which has had a massive impact in the orchid world.

So do be aware that your membership helps to support the American Orchid Society and absolutely makes a difference.

We appreciate your support!

Start Enjoying The Benefits Of Membership
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You are just minutes away from instant access to the pre-recorded webinars, member-only content on aos.org and the digital issues of ORCHIDS magazine.

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To recap, when you join today, you will get…

  • A subscription to ORCHIDS magazine (for the duration of your membership)
  • The annual supplement to ORCHIDS
  • Member-Only Webinars on Orchid topics as well as live Q & A
  • Member-Only Content on the website from cultural information to growing tips
  • Free “Your First Orchid” 64-page, illustrated book
  • Annual Orchid Source Directory
  • Event Calendar for orchid shows and events
  • Online help desk
  • Free and discounted admission to nearly 300 botanical gardens & arboreta
  • 10% discount on back issues of ORCHIDS magazine and AOS published books
  • 5% discount on all purchases from top orchid and orchid supply vendors
  • $30 off an order of $100 or more from select vendors with a two-year AOS membership

Due to the significant savings and immediate access to the digital archive, please understand that membership dues are not refundable and membership is non-transferable.

Plus the time-sensitive bonus of over 350 digital back issues of ORCHIDS magazine when you join today…and you will be able to access those issues right away.

Choose your options below and Join the American Orchid Society today!







Your Fellow Orchid Enthusiasts at,
The American Orchid Society

P.S. Please remember that the time-sensitive bonus of 350+ digital issues of ORCHIDS magazine is likely to be removed at any time. But once you have access, you are in. So we highly encourage you to join today as this benefit alone is worth as much as a one-year membership and we don’t want you to miss it! Once it’s gone, it is unlikely we will offer the bonus again.

P.P.S. If you are considering membership with digital-only access to the magazine for just $40, we encourage you to join immediately. The introductory, digital-only membership fee is subject to increase without advanced notice and could absolutely happen at any day now.

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