“Conservation is one of the American Orchid Society’s cornerstones, along with Research and Education. We're committed to supporting conservation projects in the U.S. and abroad to preserve orchids in the wild and their natural habitats. Your donation toward our Conservation Endowment makes these vital projects possible. Thank you for making a difference!”
Susan Wedegaertner, President
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The Conservation Endowment provides "lasting" support for vital orchid conservation efforts.

Our Conservation Endowment is a special fund that allows us to support conservation projects from the capital gains generated by the fund.

Translation - When you contribute to our Conservation Endowment, you are supporting numerous conservation projects for DECADES without the source of those funds ever running out.

It's more than a donation; it's part of your LEGACY!

This is your opportunity to make a donation that will keep working to preserve orchids in the wild for generations. That's how you make a real impact and a difference you can feel incredible about!

As the world's foremost authority on orchids and orchid growing, we have the opportunity to support vital conservation projects in the U.S. and abroad.

In 2019 alone, we supported five (5) conservation projects involving local community-based organizations around the world, from the creation and support of an orchid reserve in Colombia to supporting students in Peru who are trying to make an orchid reserve coexist with agriculture in their village.

Orchid conservation is a cornerstone of our mission, and together we can make a lasting difference for generations to come.

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A few words from AOS committee members...

“I wish that every orchid enthusiast could see orchids in the wild. There is nothing more electrifying than seeing your first orchid in nature. You understand it more and see it for all its beauty. You see the natural light, soil, rock, trees that are the homes and experience the elements of the habitat. You are visiting the orchid’s home not the other way around. The earth is our greenhouse. Attention we give to the habitats in the greenhouse help orchids thrive. We wish future orchid enthusiasts an electrifying experience.”
Mark Sullivan, Conservation Committee
“Your donation the Conservation Endowment will contribute to many innovative projects around the world where wild orchids and their habitats are imperiled. Your gift supports the hard work of many committed individuals who care much about their survival. I cannot imagine a world without orchids in their own habitats. Let’s make sure we do all we can to ensure that survival by donating to our Conservation Endowment.”
Tom Mirenda Conservation Committee Chair
“We think everyone should consider donating to our Conservation Endowment because we believe the AOS is uniquely positioned to be stewards of orchid conservation world wide focusing support and funding.”
Charles and Susan Wilson, Conservation Committee Members
“We donate to support the AOS’ core mission of conservation, education and research. In particular, conservation has become a natural part of our orchid hobby. We can only fit so many orchids in our greenhouses. And while our collection includes lots of species purchased from reputable growers, it is fulfilling to be part of something larger by preserving those species in cultivation for future generations.”
Deb and Bill Bodei, Trustee, Chair of Marketing and Membership

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