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Donations and membership are key to the survival and strength of the American Orchid Society. We sincerely appreciate your donation which you can make electronically using the form below.

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To ensure the future of the AOS, we need your support. This will allow us to continue to fund a myriad of important projects from research and conservation to education, and more. We have already given over $1,000,000 to support these projects and we need your donation to continue the good work. When making a donation, please consider allowing us to determine where it is most needed. To survive, we need your donations and allowing us to make that decision will ensure the future of the AOS.

Education has been part of the mission of the AOS since its founding in 1921. Our efforts include: the award-winning ORCHIDS magazine published monthly, Webinars on orchids, their habitat, culture, and hybridizing are presented monthly along with monthly Greenhouse Chats where specific questions are answered, the AOS website’s ALL ABOUT ORCHIDS has videos, articles, and FAQs on orchid culture. We also provide educational presentations and even sponsor expert speakers for Affiliated Societies to reach many local communities. Education is what we are all about!

Conservation is important to the American Orchid Society and we grant awards for non-commercial conservation projects. The purpose of these grants is to advance the conservation of every aspect of orchids around the world.

The AOS established a Research Committee in 1951 to assist and stimulate research on orchids. Since then we have awarded nearly 200 grants and fellowships totaling more than $1.1 million. AOS funding of orchid research has been provided to scientists throughout the world for topics that range from practical to basic research.

The AOS Library and Archives has found a home and has been moved to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, FL. The library has over 3,700 books and journals.

The AOS has evolved quite a bit since the 1920's. Technology has played a critical role in our growth. Today we use technology for communication, new member benefits, our awards database and judging program, our website that reaches hundreds of thousands of orchid growers each month, our computer servers and networks, and so much more. Maintaining and improving our technical infrastructure is vital for our growth and the support of our members and programs.

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