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Watch and Discover

Attend live monthly webinars on hot orchid topics.

Online Access to Orchids Magazine

Our award-winning publication is waiting for you the moment you join!

Get Expert Answers to Your Questions

Get help from orchid experts with monthly greenhouse chats where we’ll answer your questions live. Or email your question and watch the recorded session at your convenience.

Save on All Your Orchid Needs

Save money on printed back-issues of Orchids magazines, books, along with plants, supplies and equipment from select orchid vendors.

Enjoy Over 60 On-Demand Webinars

Get instant access the moment you sign up to over 60 pre-recorded webinars and greenhouse chats.

So much more...

Beyond all the other benefits, you’ll be making a positive impact towards orchid conservation, research and education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I join, how soon can I begin accessing my benefits?

You will have "immediate" access to most benefits as soon as you join. These include live webinars, expert Q&A greenhouse chats, recorded (watch-on-demand) webinars, the current issue of Orchids magazine along with access to the digital magazine archive, and special annual magazine supplements.

You will receive a welcome kit shortly after joining that will give you access to additional benefits such as "Your First Orchid" book, email course, member discounts, and more.

I am a current member, can I "downgrade" from annual to monthly?

As soon as your annual membership expires, you can change your membership to "monthly" or contact staff for assistance. We can't switch an annual plan to a monthly until after the current membership expires.

What are the details of the membership benefits listed above?

  • Monthly Live Webinars
    We provide a new webinar every month on a range of popular orchid topics. You can attend live or watch the recording anytime afterward. No special software is required, just your web browser and you can watch on any platform even your smartphone with Internet access.
  • Monthly Live Q&A Chats
    Get your toughest orchid questions answered by one of our experts. There is a live Q&A greenhouse chat every month, where orchid experts take your questions on any orchid topic. If you can't attend live, you can email your questions to, we'll answer your question live and you can watch the recording later at your convenience.
  • Recorded (Watch on Demand) Webinars
    Over 60 pre-recorded webinars and greenhouse chats are already waiting for you as soon as you become a member. From highly-popular general topics like dealing with orchid pests and diseases, to orchid basics, to coverage of specific species/hybrids, you'll find a lot of interesting topics to watch anytime.
  • Full Web Content Access
    Members have access to our member-only content. Once you join, you'll have full access to our web content.
  • Savings on Publications, Plants, Supplies, and More
    AOS members receive a 5% discount from popular merchant partners on plants, supplies and more.

    Members also receive a 10% discount on AOS publications including back issues of Orchids magazine and AOS published books purchased through our website or by phone.
  • NEW - Email Orchid Course for Beginners
    Members receive a lesson from this fantastic email course each month for up to 18 months (while their membership remains current.)
  • Orchid Award Discounts
    Members save $20 on processing fees for each on AOS-judged orchid award they receive.
  • “Your First Orchid” Book
    A 64-page book for new members. From cover to cover, beginners will learn everything they need to know to grow their first orchid successfully. Written in easy to understand language, this beginner’s guide can’t be beat! The book is free (a $7.95 value), you just cover shipping and handling if you would like the book.
  • Free and Discounted Admission to Nearly 300 Botanical Gardens
    With the Reciprocal Garden Admission program, annual members enjoy free or reduced admission to and discounts at hundreds of gardens, conservatories, and arboreta nationwide. This is a $30+ value after just two uses. See below for important information on this benefit (*)
  • Orchids Magazine (and digital archive dating back to the 1930’s)
    Orchids magazine is our award-winning orchid publication that's been in print since the 1930's. Annual print members receive the printed magazine each month, and ALL members have access to the digital archive where issues can be viewed online instantly.

    The value of the digital archive is hard to overestimate. There were only a handful of complete sets of the printed archive in existence when we sacrificed multiple sets to digitize the issues for our members and future generations. A single back issue of the magazine today costs over $5 plus shipping and the overwhelming majority of issues are out of print. You're getting access to over 80 years of issues of this cherished magazine.
  • Annual Magazine Supplement
    The special annual supplemental issue of ORCHIDS magazine covers a different topic each year. Back issues of the supplement when available cost $10-$15 (but access is included at no additional charge with your membership), and the supplements are included in the digital archive for instant online viewing.
  • Orchids Magazine Issue Downloads (Offline Viewing)
    Annual members can download the most recent 18 months of issue (including the current issue) to view offline in PDF format.
  • Orchid Source Directory
    Annual print members recieve a printed hardcopy of the Orchid Source Directory, all other members have full digital access to the directory which lists numerous orchid plant, supply, equipment, and specialty vendors for all your orchid needs.

(*) Reciprocal Garden Admissions Program Details

A current membership card from the American Orchid Society or a participating RAP garden entitles the visitor to special admissions privileges and/or discounts at many different types of gardens. The following guidelines are provided to members for enjoying their RAP benefits:

  • Call the garden you would like to visit ahead of time. Some gardens have exclusions for special events, for visitors who live within 90 miles of the garden, etc. Each garden has its own unique admissions policy, RAP benefits, and hours of operations. Calling ahead ensures that you get the most up to date information.
  • Present your current membership card to receive the RAP benefit(s) for that garden. Each card will only admit the individual(s) whose name is listed on the card. Some gardens may require a photo ID.
  • The 90-mile Exclusion policy allows a garden to exclude members of gardens within 90 miles of it from receiving the RAP benefit(s). For AOS members, the exclusion is based on main headquarters address: 10901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables FL 33156. Please contact the garden you plan to visit to inquire about their enforcement of this policy.
  • Remember that the gardens you visit rely on admission and donations to maintain their collections and gardens for all to enjoy. Please support them by visiting their gift shops or making a contribution.

With almost 300 participating gardens, it’s easy to find a garden near you!

What is the Youth Membership?

The AOS provides discounted annual memberships for anyone under the age of 25. Valid proof of age is required.

You can join as a youth member, or give a youth membership gift from this page.

What is an Affiliated Society?

An affiliated society is an orchid society associated with the AOS. Each affiliated society and their main contact must maintain AOS membership. There are several valuable benefits for affiliated societies ranging from organizational and orchid presentation aids, AOS judge guest speakers, affiliation with local orchid judging centers, marketing assistance, and more.

If you are joining as a new affiliated society, please complete this application form.

If you are renewing your existing Affiliated Society Membership, you can do so via the online renewal form. Remember to sign in with your affiliated society email address if you haven't already when renewing.

Can I pay by check or other payment method?

You can pay for annual memberships with a check, but trial and monthly memberships must be paid with a credit card.

Contact our staff for assistance with alternate payment methods at (305) 740-2010.

Do you still offer joint membership discounts?

Yes! If you and another household member want a combined membership that gives you both online access and membership benefits, with just a single magazine delivered to your address, you can sign up for a joint membership here.

How can I order a gift membership?

Membership in the AOS is a great gift for orchid lovers of all ages. You can order a gift membership here.

How do I cancel my monthly membership or recurring transactions?

  1. Sign into the AOS website
  2. Click the user menu in the upper-right of the site and choose "My Account"
  3. Click "Manage Recurring Payments"
  4. Click "Disable" next to the recurring transaction you want to cancel

If you need assistance, please contact our helpful staff at (305) 740-2010.

Is membership refundable?

Membership orders are not refundable, but we offer a trial or monthly membership that allow you to try out AOS membership for just a few dollars to see if you like it. You can continue with a monthly membership for as long as you like, or upgrade to an annual plan to receive even more benefits while saving money.

Are there additional ways I can offer financial support to the AOS?

Membership fees do not cover AOS expenses, so we rely on support from donors to fulfill our mission toward orchid education, conservation, and research. We greatly appreciate donations of any amount, which you can make using our secure online donation form or by calling (305) 740-2010.