A Simple Discovery Changed an Orchid Collection from Average to AMAZING!

Dave started growing cattleyas in earnest while still in middle school.

As an American Orchid Society member, Dave looked forward to every issue of the old AOS Bulletin (what is now ORCHIDS magazine – a benefit for all AOS members.)

The first thing he would do when receiving the latest issue was flip to the back of the magazine where the current month's published awards were listed.

He enjoyed the inspirational pictures, but also the measurements. On some occasions, Dave would find awards for an orchid in which he already owned a division or clone of the plant.

That's when it first dawned on him that he could compare his bloom with the awarded bloom to improve his collection in several important ways.

He realized that award data with photos of the exact awarded orchid was essential for any serious orchid grower (later I'll tell you about how Dave made purchasing decisions and even greenhouse decisions with his new ‘Secret Weapon’.)

That's when Dave started using award data to learn what to look for when evaluating his own orchids.

Award data and official photos changed everything…

“I used the awards to see the latest in breeding. I could see the newest trends. What were the more successful grexes.

To see an Award of Quality was great: to see consistency of quality throughout an entire grex. I remember marveling at C. Irene Holguin and all the varieties that made up the AQ.

I also liked the Award of Distinction to see really new directions in breeding. And the JC for really unusual stuff.

The CCM and CHM awards were/are amazing to see. It is aspirational to see a well-grown specimen plant. I always grew Lc. Drumbeat well, but I was blown away when I saw the CCM of it.

The same goes for a Miltoniopsis that was grown by the Riopelles (I could never grow a Miltioniopsis that well ever, but I surely had envy.)”

The award data and photos simultaneously inspired and challenged him, and he was able to greatly and rapidly improve his collection as a result.

This was a truly exiting discovery, but it was just the beginning.

Before we get to more of the good stuff, I need to warn you…

Typical Orchid Information and General Photos
Award Data and Official Photos

Obviously, orchid award data and official photos are almost impossible to find online (more about that later.)

As a result, most people interested in orchids have resorted to hunting down pictures and general information in search engines, forums or even social sites.

But making decisions using average information generally leads to an AVERAGE ORCHID COLLECTION.

Here are the two key problems…

  1. Online orchid photos generally are not pictures of “award-winning” orchids. The photographed orchids may not even be considered “average”.
  2. If you could find professional photos of "award-winning" orchids online…they would NOT come with essential award data!

In contrast, award data provides consistent information and measurements, and the official photos are taken by professional photographers.

You see, official photos of award-winning orchids have to be ARCHIVAL QUALITY.

The photos must be color corrected, photographed in strict lighting conditions and in sufficient detail to allow orchid judges to use the photos when comparing against future potential award winners.

Even more important, official photos of award-winning orchids ensure you get the photo of the exact awarded orchid and the data and measurements that go with it.

Fortunately, accessing over 80 years of award data and tens of thousands of official photos is now easier than ever for you.

I'll get to that in just a moment, but first, consider…

More Smart Ways You Can Use Award Data
To Improve Your Orchid Collection

What began as a way to inspire and challenge him to grow better orchids soon evolved into something more. Dave began to use the award data to make purchasing decisions and even to optimize his greenhouse!

“It also taught me what to look for when judging my own orchids.

Awarded species (again for me cattleyas) help me improve my collection of species…both in what too look for in all the varieties, and ensure that what I bought was correct (as labeled) and lived up to be award quality.

As I progressed as a hobbyist, I had limited space in my greenhouse (and today, three houses and a shade house), so it became imperative that the bench space and purlins were used for quality plants.

I personally didn't have the room to randomly collect anything and everything…and what came out as less than award potential were given away to my local orchid society table.

My review of the award photos also provided me with a ‘want list.'

That ‘want list' is still there with newly awarded clones. I see a newly awarded cattleya, and I hope to someday obtain it (not always possible, but what the heck. Sometimes the plant gets cloned or a division is traded or up for sale.) ”

Hundreds of AOS members like Dave rely on official award data and photos…particularly experienced growers seeking their own orchid awards.

As another orchid grower recently commented about awards of cultural merit, "They are aspirational. 'If they can grow a plant that well, I can try.' Those plants challenge us to grow our plants better."

Now it's easier than ever for you to get access to the same award data and official photos as the pros…

Introducing Orchids Plus –
Your New ‘Secret Weapon’ to
Grow an Amazing Orchid Collection!

Orchids Plus is the ultimate source of orchid award data and photos with over 80 years of award data and over 67,000 professional photos of award-winning orchids.

Orchids Plus is the official software of the American Orchid Society…and it's the ONLY source of all AOS award data and photos since 1932.

The AOS does NOT license award data or official photos to 3rd parties, so Orchids Plus is the only way to get them.

In some ways, it's my baby. You see, I helped create the software and we are updating it monthly.

This “new” software was quietly released in May 2014.

Before getting the word out, we wanted to see how the old AQ Plus software users would react to Orchids Plus. Especially considering that Orchids Plus was officially replacing AQ Plus.

Here is what some of the early users of Orchids Plus had to say…

They LOVE It...And You Will Too!

After the first few hundred people installed Orchids Plus, these are the kinds of comments we were getting back…

“I love the sort options. I love it. Can't wait to explore all the nooks and crannies.”
Lois C. (Illinois, U.S.)

“I am amazed at all the things that we can now do on OP (Orchids Plus).”
Joyce M. (Toronto, JC)

“I was able to call All the awards in 6 seconds...I was ready to faint!!!
ANOTHER PLUS and yes I am shouting…that user's manual is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!”
Jose I. (Puerto Rico)

“I think this work has super flexibility and seems very user friendly. Obviously put
together by "orchid oriented", software experts.”
Joe B. (Florida, U.S.)

We even created a new help desk, to help users adjust to the new software. While people did have some questions, the response to Orchids Plus was overwhelmingly positive.

Most of the questions were simply about activation or adjusting their screen size. It turns out that the software was so easy to use that people were jumping right in.

Let's take a look at why Orchids Plus is so critical for orchid growers, and some of the unique benefits you get with it…

Powerful Data, Photos and Benefits
You Can't Get Anywhere Else

  • Over 80 Years of “Exclusive” Award Data - Orchids Plus is the ONLY source of official AOS award data and photos from 1932 to present. This data is not licensed to any 3rd-party organization, so the only way to get this data is through Orchids Plus.
  • Online & Offline Access - You get access to both a web version of Orchids Plus as well as a software version you can install on two computers. This way you have access to award data and official photos whether online or offline and from any device with Internet access.
  • Professional Photos of Award-Winning Orchids - Enjoy over 67,000 official photos of “award-winning” orchids. These are photos taken by professional photographers with the corresponding award data. You can even save photos to your computer for your personal (non-commercial) use or in your presentations.
  • Easily Find The Perfect Award-Winning Orchids - Quickly search for orchid awards and photos by numerous criteria such as the official award number, genus, orchid name, cultivar, award class, date range, exhibitor, event, event location, judging center or simply view the latest awards.
  • A Power User's Dream Come True - Slice and dice award data with the sorting, grouping, filtering and even highlighting capabilities. Want to see awards for a particular orchid grouped by award type, no problem. Want to show only the awards with a score of 80 or above, easy.
  • Save Enormous Time - by calculating average measurements for several orchids at once.
  • View Awards Side-by-Side - quickly compare and contrast both the data and photos of your favorites.
  • See In-Depth Genealogy in Seconds - Orchids Plus is the ONLY software that can display full family trees as many as 12 levels deep or more with hundreds of orchids in some trees.
  • How-To Information at Your Fingertips - Easy user manual with screenshots on nearly every page
  • Fast, digitally delivered software, data & photo updates - you get fresh data, photos and features in minutes right over the Internet – no waiting for quarterly updates by mail and going through some complex install process. The software update is usually monthly, while the web version is generally updated daily.
  • Numerous other benefits from the pronunciation guide, synonym lookup, the ability to search RHS (hybrids) and Kew (species) data simultaneously, perform grex, progeny or parent searches, built-in document viewer, international orchid awards, and more features being added all the time (we've released 3 updates in the first 3 months.)

There is no other solution anywhere that provides everything Orchids Plus provides you, and…

Orchids Plus Is So Easy To Use,
You Will Be Looking Up
Awards & Photos (and more) In Minutes!

Looking up awards and photos couldn't be easier. Even the advanced features are easy to learn.

The video only touched on a few select features as we were trying to keep it within 7 minutes, but Orchids Plus has much more to offer…

Put The ‘Secret Weapon’ To Work For You
And Join Hundreds Of Other Smart Growers
That Are Growing World Class Orchid Collections!

When it comes to growing a world class orchid collection, there's no better tool than Orchids Plus.

Enjoy over 80 years of award data and…

over 67,000 breathtaking photos of award-winning orchids.

Just those two essentials alone made a MASSIVE impact on Dave's orchid hobby, and Orchids Plus is packed with so much more.

With access to both a web version and software you can install on two computers, plus all the unique features and incredible value you can't get anywhere else, you might expect Orchids Plus to cost hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately, the American Orchid Society wants to ensure the software remains affordable for all orchid enthusiasts, even while we continue to add significant new features on a continuous basis.

Despite recommendations to raise the price to match the value, you can get Orchids Plus “today” for the incredibly low price of just $58.50!

Over the course of a year, that works out to less than $5 per month!

Join Dave and hundreds of other smart orchid growers around the world who are growing amazing orchid collections with the help of Orchids Plus!

Order now and get immediate access to the web version of Orchids Plus with the software being promptly mailed to you. Future updates will be delivered electronically.

Orchids Plus Web and Software

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Your Purchase Of Orchids Plus
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Orchid Conservation, Research And Much More!

As you may already know, the American Orchid Society is the largest organization in the world devoted exclusively to orchids.

We currently have a $50,000 grant out to Fairchild to research LED lighting and we are funding one of the species in the Million Orchid Project to put Four Florida Natives in the Miami Dade city landscaping.

Over the years, we have spent over $1,000,000 in a myriad of important projects from research and conservation to education, preservation and more.

We even paid for the science of mericloning which has had a massive impact in the orchid world.
So do be aware that your purchase helps to support the American Orchid Society and absolutely makes a difference.

We appreciate your support!

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Better Data And Photos Leads To
A Better Orchid Collection…Don't Miss Out

I'd like you to take a brief second to imagine how awe-inspiring your orchid collection would be today if you had official photos of award-winning orchids and data to guide you!

Each AOS award is scrutinized by a team of orchid judges, so you know the data is accurate and trustworthy.

The photos are taken by professional photographers who license the pictures to the American Orchid Society.

The software comes with over 67,000 photos of “award-winning” orchids. In fact, the only photos in the software are of award-winning orchids.

Of course, Orchids Plus provides so much more than just award data and official photos. Each feature in Orchids Plus is designed to benefit orchid growers like you!

Combined with the incredible information you get in ORCHIDS magazine and all the high-quality, member-only articles and content you get as a member of the American Orchid Society…

Orchids Plus perfectly complements your AOS membership.

AOS Membership along with the Award Data and Official Photos in Orchids Plus have made a world of difference for Dave and hundreds of other smart growers…and Orchids Plus is going to do the same for you!

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Your friend and fellow Orchids Plus user,
Anthony Tanner

P.S. If you want access to the awards and official photos that orchid judges use–and dramatically improve the quality of your own orchid collection–then you need Orchids Plus.

P.P.S. Please keep in mind this introductory price will only be available for a limited time.